Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take card payments?

Yes we do. You are welcome to pay by card, cash or even BACs transfer for larger orders if you wish. We will send you a receipt via email and or txt message.

Do I need to bring along a carry box?

Yes, its important you have a good sized box or pet carrier to transport your new birds home.

Top Tip: A good option is a 'grass collector' from your lawnmower. These work well for a couple of hens.

Are the hens vaccinated?

Yes all birds are comprehensively vaccinated and wormed prior to your collection. We can also dust the birds with a mite/louse powder if you like.

Will my Hens lay eggs right away?

Most of the birds we sell are between 16 and 22 weeks old which is considered as 'Point of Lay'. However a change in environment as they adjust to their new homes can delay things a little. You can expect eggs from your hens very soon.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Whilst we have every confidence that we supply happy and healthy hens, animals can become unwell due to numerous factors. As such, we do not offer a guarantee. If a bird becomes unwell within 72 hrs of sale, we can replace the bird or refund at our complete discretion.

Can I buy accessories and feed from Nadder Valley Hens?

We aim to hold a small stock of essentials to include,

- Bedding Materials

- Feeds

- Drinkers and feeders

- Poultry Tonics

Please inquire on stock levels ahead of your visit.

How do I integrate my new hens into my existing flock?

Any flock of hens will decide upon a 'pecking order'. This is natural and is usually settled quite quickly.Where possible it is best to add the new birds to the coop at bedtime, just as you are about to close the coop. This way the new birds should get a good nights sleep.
The first breakfast session will be interesting as the existing birds notice the newcomers. They will most likely seek to stamp their authority. Keep an eye on this to ensure these early encounters do not amount to anything more than a short lived tussle. Ordinarily the new birds will become subordinate and the new heirachy will be agreed. Then order will be restored.
Clearly, if you feel they are not settling or the new hens are becoming injured, then other options should be explored. At this stage, give us a call so we can help with advice.

What are the best bedding materials to use?

At Nadder Valley Hens, we use 'Fresh Bed' or similar in the house itself, and then straw for the nesting/laying boxes.

How often should I clean the coop & run?

Your birds housing/coop will need to be cleaned once per week and thoroughly..... It is very important to ensure the house is clean, dry and well ventilated. It is good practice to also sprinkle a 'sanitising powder' on the coop floor and also in the run to ensure bacteria levels are reduced to a minimum. Take this time to also check for the dreaded 'red mite' and treat your coop regularly to stay on top of this persistent problem. Remember, with poultry 'prevention is better than cure'

Do you deliver hens?

We can deliver your hens for orders of more than 3 birds and within a 10 mile radius of our address.
A flat rate of 15 pounds is payable at the time of ordering with deliveries only taking place on weekends.