Nadder Valley Hens

Selling Beautiful Hens in the Heart of Wiltshire

Our customers visit from near and far spanning Wiltshire, Dorset, Somerset, Hampshire and beyond......

We are a small 'hobby' business selling a range of Hybrids. We also sell some pure breeds aswell as lovely Bantams. We are based in the Wiltshire village of Tisbury. 

We mostly supply pullets at 16-24 weeks of age commonly known as point of lay.

All hens are fully vaccinated and wormed, so you can be confident you are buying happy healthy birds.

The birds overlook the stunning 'Nadder Valley' nestled amongst the vegetable garden and neighboured by nosey sheep for most of the year.

You are very welcome to visit us and enjoy a cup of tea whilst carefully selecting your new hens.

We really want you to enjoy your buying experience at Nadder Valley Hens. Our aim is for you to become 'hopelessly hooked' on the husbandry of these intelligent, productive and endearing animals.

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Are you looking for friendly, attractive hens? Then today's choice of modern hybrids are just what you are looking for.
Developed over many years by selecting and breeding from specific strains of pure breeds to include the Rhode Island Red, Leghorn and Maran has produced a fantastic array of quality hybrid hens. These hens are very popular today for both the experienced keeper and newbie a like,
Key Hybrid Characteristics,

Hardy & disease tolerant - Docile and friendly natured Exceptional egg layers (+ 300 per year) - Interesting array of colours, shapes and sizes - Produce different coloured eggs to include blue, chocolate brown and white.

Of course pure breed poultry is equally brilliant, but todays hybrids do provide you with a quality, productive and interesting hen. 


​At Nadder Valley Hens we generally supply 16 types so you will be spoilt for choice.

Perhaps you would like the 'Tisbury Trio' who together will lay you blue, chocolate brown and white eggs. This trio comprises of a Devon blue , Devon Bronze and a White Leghorn.





Bobby's Bantams

'Small but perfectly formed'

Bobby sells Bantams and does so to earn his pocket money. 

Bobby stocks a selection of Silkies, Polish and of course the much loved Pekins.

His stock is always being updated but he will be happy to let you know what is in stock currently, just give us a call and we will be very happy to help.


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